Tombuktu Films

Prizes and Production

Trip to Timbuktu has obtained the Development Financial Aid of IBERMEDIA (2007) and has participated in the 5th Course of Film Project Development, in Madrid, Spain, with a scholarship of the Fundación Carolina and Casa de América (2007). Also, it has participated in the 2nd Course of Film Project Development, in Salvador de Bahía, Brasil, with a scholarship of Casa de América and Instituto Cervantes (2009). Besides, the project was selected to participate in the Coproduction meetings at San Sebastian Film Festival, after being chosen from many Latin American and European projects participating in the Tareula program. Also, it was chosen for the Screenplay Development Fund of the Amiens International Film Festival.

In 2010, Trip to Timbuktu obtained the CONACINE PRIZE (which is the Peruvian State Aid for Cinema and our first important aid for Production), and then signed a coproduction agreement with Argentina (Machaco Films). With this coproduction, the project won the Production Financial Aid of IBERMEDIA in 2011.

The shooting of Trip to Timbuktu took place in april 2012. Soon after, the project also received the Production Financial Aid of the INCAA (the Argentinian State Aid for Cinema), with which the process of Post Production was done.

We expect to release Trip to Timbuktu in 2014, in Peru and in Argentina, besides sending it to festivals all over the world.

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